Gonzalez Lab at YOMO2019

Carlos Vargas, Vivien Horváth, María Bogaerts, Miriam Merenciano, Judit Salces and Josefa González shared with the YOMO2019 public the research … Continue Reading

aDaptNAtion in Zaragoza

We have shared our citizen science project aDaptNAtion: Melanogaster Catch The Fly at the Jornadas de divulgación innovadora in Zaragoza. … Continue Reading

GonzálezLab at YOMO

Miriam Merenciano, Vivien Horváth, Maria Bogaerts, Lain Guio, and Josefa González shared their ERC research project with high school students at … Continue Reading

Ciència i convivència

Ciència i convivència: compendre el nostre entorn per sobreviure en una societat canviant. GonzalezLab participates in this cycle of workshops by … Continue Reading

Joves i Ciència

Joves i Ciència  is a program funded by Fundació Catalunya la Pedrera that aims to promote the scientific vocations of … Continue Reading

Professors i Ciència

Professors i Ciència is a program funded by Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera that offers training for high school teachers in … Continue Reading

CSIC Science Week

The CSIC Science Week activities aim at bringing the challenges and excitement of the world of science to the general public. … Continue Reading


R(e)volución: fronteras del conocimiento is a project that aims at developing educational resources to explain evolutionary biology concepts to high school … Continue Reading

La Ciència Al Teu Món

La Ciència Al Teu Món (LCATM) aims at raising awareness of the importance and implications of scientific research in teenagers’ everyday … Continue Reading

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