Instructions for submission

Book of Abstracts now available:

You can get it HERE


  • All abtract submissions, talks and posters must be in English
  • Deadline for all submissions is September the 15th September the 30th
  • We accept submissions as both Talk/Poster (status to be decided by the Scientific Committee)
  • All submissions will be evaluated by a board of reviewers selected by the Scientific Committee
  • Results of the evaluation will be comunicated a few weeks before the Meeting takes place
  • Please make sure that the submitted abstracts comply with the format indications in this webpage (see Format Examples)
  • All the accepted abstracts will be added to an abstract book that will be distributed online in electronic version



  • Given space limitations, the maximum number proposals per research group is limited to:

 4 posters and 3 talks

  • In the case of groups that propose three talks they must be on different subject areas:

The primary thematic areas of the conference are:

– Evolutionary Systems Biology- Phylogeny and Systematics- Population Genetics & Genomics- Evolutionary Medicine- Functional Evolution

We intend to build sessions around these broad issues, but submissions in any other aspect of evolution are also encouraged. This includes

– Evolution and Development (Evo-Devo)
– Paleontology and Human Evolution
– Evolutionary Ecology, Behaviour and Speciation
– Genetics, Genomics and Molecular Evolution
– Experimental and Applied Evolution
– Social Sciences, Education, History and Philosophy
– …

  • Talks will have a maximum duration of 20 minutes (15 minutes,  followed by a 5 minutes discussion).
  • The Scientific Committee will pay particular attention to the informative capacity of proposals submitted for the conference. We therefore recommend submitting proposals with history, results and conclusions accessible to an audience in evolutionary biology but without being an expert in the specific field.



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