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Genomics of Individuality lab

The general topics that the Genomics of Individuality lab is interested in revolve around the genomics of individuality: What is there in our genomes that makes us the way we are? What does it tell us about our ancestry? How does it affect our susceptibility to diseases? How can this be applied in practical settings (i.e., in forensic genetics)? In particular, its research focuses on populations on both sides of the western Mediterranean, looking at genetic structure, and contacts, and, in particular, populations that are geographically or socially isolated.

Principal investigator: Francesc Calafell

Members of the lab: Neus Solé-Morata, PhD Student; Simone Andrea Biagini, PhD Student, Carla García Fernández, PhD Student

Main publications and other research activities:

Casals F, Anglada R, Bonet N, Rasal R, van der Gaag KJ, Hoogenboom J, Solé-Morata N, Comas D, Calafell F. (2017) Length and repeat-sequence variation in 58 STRs and 94 SNPs in two Spanish populations. Forensic Science International Genetics 30:66-70.

Solé-Morata N, Villaescusa P, García-Fernández C, Font-Porterias N, Illescas MJ, Valverde L, Tassi F, Ghirotto S, Férec C, Rouault K, Jiménez-Moreno S, Martínez-Jarreta B, Pinheiro MF, Zarrabeitia MT, Carracedo Á, de Pancorbo MM, Calafell F. (2017) Analysis of the R1b-DF27 haplogroup shows that a large fraction of Iberian Y-chromosome lineages originated recently in situ. Scientific Reports 7(1):7341.

Solé-Morata N, García-Fernández C, Urasin V,  Bekada A, Fadhlaoui-Zid K, Zalloua P, Comas D, Calafell F (2017) Whole Y-chromosome sequences reveal an extremely recent origin of the most common North African paternal lineage E-M183 (M81). Scientific Reports 7:15941.

Calafell F, Larmuseau M (2017) The Y chromosome as the most popular marker in genetic genealogy benefits interdisciplinary research. Human Genetics, 136(5):559-573.

Villaescusa P, Illescas MJ, Valverde L, Baeta M, Núñez C, Martínez-Jarreta B, Zarrabeitia MT, Calafell F, de Pancorbo MM (2017) Characterization of the Iberian Y chromosome haplogroup R-DF27 in Northern Spain. Forensic Science International: Genetics, 27:142-148.

Pérez de Los Cobos J, Alcaraz S, Siñol N, Arranz MJ, Trujols J, Batlle F, Calafell F, Durán-Sindreu S, Salazar J. (2017) Satisfaction With Methadone and Opioid Receptor Genes Polymorphisms in Treatment-Refractory Heroin-Dependent Patients. Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, 37:378-380.

Mondal M, Bergström A, Xue Y, Calafell F, Laayouni H, Casals F, Majumder P, Tyler-Smith C, Bertranpetit J (2017) Y-chromosomal sequences of diverse Indian populations and the ancestry of the Andamanese. Human Genetics, 136:499-510.

Moreno F, Indakoetxea B, Barandiaran M, Caballero MC, Gorostidi A, Calafell F, Gabilondo A, Tainta M, Zulaica M, Martí Massó JF, López de Munain A, Sánchez-Juan P, Lee SE. (2017) The unexpected co-occurrence of GRN and MAPT p.A152T in Basque families: Clinical and pathological characteristics. PLoS ONE. 12(6):e0178093.

Main outreach activities:

Francesc Calafell, comissió de preguntes, Olimpíada de Biologia de Catalunya

Carla García Fernández, BIOJUNIOR

Funding (active projects in 2017 only):

Name of the project Genómica de poblaciones y la historia demográfica de las poblaciones gitanas
Principal investigator David Comas / Francesc Calafell
Funding institution Agencia Estatal de Investigación

More information:
Genomics of Individuality lab’s website

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