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Institut de Biologia Evolutiva (CSIC-UPF)
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Jose Castresana
CSIC Research Scientist
Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF)
Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta 37
08003 Barcelona, Spain

Research Interests

Our primary research goal is the application of genomic and bioinformatic methods to the study and conservation of animal biodiversity. We use next-generation sequencing techniques and advanced bioinformatic tools to investigate population structure, genetic diversity, inbreeding, kinship relationships, connectivity patterns, and genomic health in some species of great conservation importance, such as the Pyrenean desman, the European mink, and the capercaillie. We also sequenced the whole genome of the Pyrenean desman to gain further insights into its evolutionary history and genetic health. In another research line, we use these methodologies to study population divergence and the speciation process in various species complexes of small mammals to achieve a better description of our biological diversity, particularly in the Iberian Peninsula. Furthermore, we develop free software to implement new methods related to the analysis of sequences and genotypes. We are therefore working on the following topics:
  • Conservation Genomics
  • Population Genomics and Speciation
  • Bioinformatics

Selected Publications
  • Escoda, L., Piqué, J., Paule, L., Foulché, K., Menoni, E., and Castresana, J. (2023). Genomic analysis of geographical structure and diversity in the capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus). Conservation Genetics 25, 277-290.
  • Balmori-de la Puente, A., Escoda, L., Fernández-González, A., Menéndez-Pérez, D., González-Esteban, J., and Castresana, J. (2023). Evaluating the use of non-invasive hair sampling and ddRAD to characterize populations of endangered species: Application to a peripheral population of the European mink. Ecology and Evolution 13, e10530.
  • Escoda, L., Hawlitschek, O., González-Esteban, J., and Castresana, J. (2022). Methodological challenges in the genomic analysis of an endangered mammal population with low genetic diversity. Scientific Reports 12, 21390.
  • Balmori-de la Puente, A., Ventura, J., Miñarro, M., Somoano, A., Hey, J., and Castresana, J. (2022). Divergence time estimation using ddRAD data and an isolation-with-migration model applied to water vole populations of Arvicola. Scientific Reports 12, 4065.
  • Escoda, L., and Castresana, J. (2021). The genome of the Pyrenean desman and the effects of bottlenecks and inbreeding on the genomic landscape of an endangered species. Evolutionary Applications 14, 1898-1913.
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