GAGP - data


Right Align The sequence data is available in NCBI short read archive:
The project accession number is SRP018689
The BioProject ID is PRJNA189439

Get processed data:

FTP for downloading the SNP Calling (vcf), InDel Calling (vcf), Mithocondrial sequences (fasta), Mask Files (bed) and ancestral alleles.

Note: It has been detected some problems when using Chrome browser in MAC for downloading this FTP dataset. Consider the usage of other web browsers, FTP clients (Filezilla, Transmit...) or bash commands.

If you prefer to use a FTP client such as Filezilla ( ) do not forget to configure the connection as:

User: public_primate
Port: 21
*password field must be empty.

On the other hand you can also download the processed data through https:

Note for users of Unix systems (Linux Distributions or Mac Os) You can use wget command application.
wget --recursive --no-parent --continue --reject='index.html*'

Picture Orangutan. Source: wikipedia by Kabir Bakie.