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Lain Guio

June 2016- present

Post doctoral Researcher (April 2012- March 2016 PhD student)

BSc. in Biology (2001) at Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina). MSc. in Environmental engineering (2011) at Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain).
Research Project: The role of transposable elements in adaptation to temperate climates in Drosophila melanogaster. My goal is to study the molecular mechanisms of adaptation to understand how organisms evolve as a species adapting to hostile environments and how this is related to the origin of new species.




Kapun, M; Aduriz, MG Barron; Staubach, F; Vieira, J; Obbard, D; Goubert, C; Stabelli, Rota O; Kankare, M; Haudry, A; Wiberg, ARW; Waidele, L; Kozeretska, I; Pasyukova, E; Loeschcke, V; Pascual, M; Vieira, CP; Serga, S; Montchamp-Moreau, C; Abbott, J; Gibert, P; Porcelli, D; Posnien, N; Grath, S; Sucena, E; Bergland, A; Guerreiro, MP Garcia; Onder, BS; Argyridou, E; Guio, L; Schou, Fristrup M; Deplancke, B; Vieira, C; Ritchie, MG; Zwaan, B; Tauber, E; Orengo, D; Puerma, E; Aguade, M; Schmidt, P; Parsch, J; Betancourt, A; Flatt, T; Gonzalez, J. Genomic analysis of European Drosophila populations reveals longitudinal structure and continent-wide selection. bioRxiv, 2018.

Guio L; González, J. New insights on the evolution of genome content: population dynamics of transposable elements in flies and humans. Methods in Molecular Biology, Forthcoming.


Manh, Le H; Guio, L; Merenciano, M; Rovira, Q; Barron, M G; Gonzalez, J. Natural and laboratory mutations in kuzbanian are associated with zinc stress phenotypes in Drosophila melanogaster. Sci Rep, pp. 42663, 2017ISSN: 2045-2322 (Electronic) 2045-2322 (Linking).


Guio, L; Vieira, C; González, J. Stress affects the epigenetic marks added by Bari-Jheh: a natural insertion associated with two adaptive phenotypes in DrosophilabioRxiv, 2016.

Ullastres, A; Merenciano, M; Guio, L; González, J. Transposable elements: a toolkit for stress and environmental adaptation in bacteriade Bruijn, Frans J (Ed.): Stress and Environmental Regulation of Gene Expression and Adaptation in Bacteria,Chapter 20.10, JohnWiley & Sons, Inc., First edition, 2016.


Guio, L; Gonzalez, J. The dominance effect of the adaptive transposable element insertion Bari-Jheh depends on the genetic background. Genome Biol Evol, (5), pp. 1260-6, 2015ISSN: 1759-6653 (Electronic) 1759-6653 (Linking).


Guio, L; Barron, M G; Gonzalez, J. The transposable element Bari-Jheh mediates oxidative stress response in DrosophilaMol Ecol, 23 (8), pp. 2020-30, 2014ISSN: 1365-294X (Electronic) 0962-1083 (Linking).




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