2018 Year in Review

The year 2018 was full of events, we would like to highlight the most positive ones!

Students awards and accomplishments
✮ Vivien Horvath, a 2nd year PhD student in the lab, won the Best Talk Award at the XVIII Jornada de Biologia Evolutiva
✮ Miriam Merenciano, a 3rd year PhD student in the lab, won the 3rd award at the 1st IBE PhD symposium, a SMBE Travel award to present her research at the SMBE annual meeting in Japan, and a EMBO Short Term fellowship to work with Philip Port on generating CRISPR mutants
✮ Judit Salces, a postdoc fellow in the lab, was awarded a Juan de la Cierva postdoc fellowship
✮ Camillo Iacomettti succesfully defended his Master thesis at the University of Torino

Lab communication
✮ We launched our new lab website: http://gonzalezlab.eu
✮ We reached 1.000 Twitter followers: @GonzalezLab_BCN
✮ We published three @biorxiv_evobio preprints, three journal publications, 2 publications ahead of print, we have two publications accepted, and five submitted manuscripts, in collaboration with Cristina Viera lab (U Lyon), Dmitri Petrov lab (Stanford University), Hadi Quesneville lab (URGI), and Diego Ayala lab (IRD).
✮ We participated in 12 conferences, workshops & seminars

Science outreach
✮ We are running the Ciencia i Convivencia project funded by the Ajuntament de Barceolna
✮ We are leading the citizen science project Melanogaster catch the fly funded by FECYT in collaboration with LCATM
✮ We are part of the COST action EuroScitizen that aims at increasing evolutionary literacy in Europe
✮ We are working on the production of a video to showcase our research on Anopheles in collaboration with Diego Ayala and LCATM funded by the ESEB

Science networking
✮ We have co-organized the first DrosEU summer school in Montpellier funded by the ESEB
✮ Our Spanish Excellence Network AdaptNet was renewed by the Spanish goverment

Institutional work
✮ We have kick-started the IBE PhD mentoring program together with Elena Casacuberta, Marina Brasó and Alex Mas
✮ We have co-organized the XVIII Jornada de Biologia Evolutiva together with David Juan funded by the SCB



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