Carlos Morcillo Suarez

About me

From 2018 I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Comparative Genomics Lab of Tomàs Marquès-Bonet.

It is not my first time at IBE.

I was working happily in IBM in Barcelona in 2004 when Arcadi Navarro convinced me (I don't still understand how) to join the CeGen Bioinformatics unit as its Project Manager.

There, after burning out some really brilliant programmers we created SNPator to help CeGen in the management of the huge amounts of data generated and to help its users in their analysis.

Our group become part of the INB (Instituto Nacional de Bioinformatica) with the aim of giving bioinformatic support in the area of diversity and genomic populations to the Spanish scientific community and I found myself one day (I don't know how it came either) enrolled in the PhD adventure which concluded successfully in 2011.

From that moment on, until 2014, my work took the form of collaborations with ongoing studies, the development of tools for genomic analysis and the research in new methodological approaches in understanding the complexity of the effects of genome.