SeDuS Segmental Duplication Simulator

SeDuS (for Segmental Duplication Simulator) is a C++ forward-in-time simulator of segmental duplications undergoing concerted evolution. Despite its importance in evolution, the non-independent evolution of duplicated blocks has remained relatively unexplored. This simulator is intended to be a tool to explore the effects of interlocus gene conversion on duplicates in diverse evolutionary scenarios and to explore parameters affecting interlocus gene conversion activity.

SeDuS is an improved and extended version of a software presented in a previous publication by our group (Hartasánchez, et al., 2014) in which we analyzed the interplay between interlocus gene conversion and crossover. SeDuS can be run via command-line. Its code modular structure is intended for researchers to integrate new functions or models to test their hypotheses.

We have also developed a user-friendly GUI, that enables users with little programming skills to run simulations and have real-time feedback on the effect of parameter changes. We believe that SeDuS' GUI can be a very useful tool for molecular and evolutionary biology teachers as well.