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Salvador Carranza CSIC Tenured Scientist

Salvador Carranza - CSIC Tenured Scientist
Systematics, Biogeography and Evolution of Reptiles lab Team
Systematics,Biogeography and Evolution of Reptiles lab

MEMBERS OF THE GROUP (Active in 2018)

Postdoctoral Researchers Panagiotis Kornilios, Pedro Tarroso, Raquel Vasconcelos

Predoctoral Researchers Héctor Tejero, Luis Machado

Research Technicians Karin Tamar, Marc Simó

Laboratory Technician Josep Lluis Roca Romeu

Master Students Bernat Burriel, Carolina Molina, Pelagia Mitsi

Undergraduate Student Laia Perez Sorribes


During this 2018, we have contributed to a better knowledge of the reptile diversity of the arid areas of Arabia, describing two new lacertid lizards endemic to southern Arabia and one gecko endemic to the Hajar Mountains from southeastern Arabia. Our work has shown that diversity in arid Arabia is much higher than what was previously thought, being the Hajar Mountains one of the top hotspots of reptile endemicity in the world. Besides describing diversity, we have also produced two comprehensive works on the diversity, distribution and conservation of the reptile species from Oman and Socotra Island.


Carranza S, et al. (40 authors) (2018). Diversity, distribution and conservation of the terrestrial reptiles of Oman (Sauropsida, Squamata). PLOS ONE 13: e0190389

Tamar K, Metallinou M, Wilms T, Schmitz A, Crochet PA, Geniez P, Carranza S. (2018) Evolutionary history of spiny-tailed lizards (Agamidae: Uromastyx) from the Saharo-Arabian region. Zoologica Scripta. 47:159–173.

Simó-Riudalbas M, Tarroso, P, Papenfuss T, Al-Sariri T, Carranza S. (2018) Systematics, biogeography and evolution of Asaccus gallagheri (Squamata, Phyllodactylidae) with the description of a new endemic species from Oman. Systematics and Biodiversity. 16: 323–339.


Title: Animal Biology and Evolution.
Financed by: Generalitat de Catalunya (AGAUR) (2017SGR991)
Participants: Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF).
Duration: 2017-2020
PI: Salvador Carranza

Title: An integrative approach to the conservation of the endangered Arabian populations of the gecko Teratoscincus keyserlingii.
Financed by: Mohammed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund Project number: 172515524
Participants: Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF), Department of Nature Conservation, Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)
Duration: May 2017 – October 2018
PI: Salvador Carranza

Title: Arabian reptiles as a model to investigate how biodiversity is generated and maintained in arid areas.
Financed by: Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia (CGL2015-70390-P)
Participants: Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF), University of Barcelona; CIBIO, Centro de Invetigaçao em Biodiversidade e Recursos Genéticos da Universidade do Porto; University of Granada; South African National Biodiversity Institute, South Africa.
Duration: 2016-2018
PI: Salvador Carranza


Picture of Teratoscincus Keyserlingii (Keyserlingi's wonder gecko) taken at Sharjah (United Arab Emirates), within the framework of Mohammed bin Zayed Species conservation project (